The International Society for Fracture Repair is an organisation of individuals from around the world who are dedicated to the advancement and interchange of science of fracture repair and its application to improvement of patient care.


The biennial conference of the ISFR in 2016 will be held in Munich, Germany. Being an international society the home of our biennial conference travels between continents. The last two were held in Kyoto, Japan 2012 and New York, USA 2014. In 2016 the conference travels back to Europe and will be held in the south of Germany in the wonderful setting of Munich.


The conference program will highlight the most up to date research in fracture repair including basic and clinical research. Spot light sessions will focus on burning issues such as fragility fractures, bone infections and bone biomechanics.


Using modern osteosynthesis technology most bone fractures heal uneventful. However, some fractures remain a challenge for the orthopaedic surgeon and can seriously compromise patient's health. Research in fracture repair aims at those fracture situations which potentially endanger the patient with a fracture. The ISFR conferences provide a unique opportunity for basic researchers and orthopaedic surgeons to discuss advances in fracture treatment and improve patient care. 


Join the ISFR 2016 conference in Munich to participate in this exciting endeavor. Interact with basic researchers in bone biology, engineers in bone biomechanics, trauma surgeons and orthopedic specialists. ISFR 2016 offers a stimulating atmosphere for young scientists, experienced reseachers, surgeons early in their clinical career as well as dedicated trauma experts.


Peter Augat

Peter Biberthaler


Conference Chairs

Jörg Goldhahn



ISFR President